YOKIZ, the yoga app for kids.
In over 60 clips it combines animated characters with professional and child-oriented yoga. The selected exercises are addressed to kids from 3-10 years.
The yoga kids Luna and Luca show the exercises to the little ones and animate with their happy nature to join them. Stern and Schnuppe, the two animal teachers lead the kids and give instructions and tips.

For me this project was a matter close to my heart. I was able to combine both of my greatest loves - yoga and motion design, so I can give kids and their supervisors joy in moving and exercising.
For more information please visit the site: yokiz.de
Or go to olima-sport.de/shop for buying directly
Concept: Angelika Widl, Oliver Mai olima-sport.de
Direction, Production, Character Design, Illustration & Animation: Angelika Widl
Programming: dafoon

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